How to get lutris, wine and other packages on EndlessOS using gentoo chroot


From my point of view EndlessOS is piece of garbage that should be renamed on LimitedOS since uses only flatpaks that are on the long way to go to be usable reasoning:

  • Winepaks are not usable and abadoned
  • Phoenicis is currently in alpha so games from it are unreliable
  • Lutris doesn’t have flatpak yet
  • It’s impossible to install WINE on EndlessOS since it doesn’t have compiler and getting one working on it is pita since it’s using ostree file hierarchy, because standarts are for nubs.

So i decided to share a guide to get those apps working on endless using gentoo chroot.
Disclaimer: You are performing this procedure on your own free will and i’m not responsible for anything.

https : // i . imgur . com/93XgqnL.png


  • EndlessOS == Host
  • Gentoo Linux == Guest
  • non-root == output of echo $UID is not 0
  • root == output of echo $UID is 0
    in this scenario
  1. Make a new directory in /mnt (will use /mnt/gentoo in this example)
  2. Go on gentoo . org/downloads/ and grab download url for your architecture
  3. Download stage3 into /mnt/gentoo.
  4. Make a new file in /mnt/gentoo (will use chrootme in this example)
  5. Parse following in chrootme:
mount --rbind /dev /mnt/gentoo/dev
mount --make-rslave /mnt/gentoo/dev
mount -t proc /proc /mnt/gentoo/proc
mount --rbind /sys /mnt/gentoo/sys
mount --make-rslave /mnt/gentoo/sys
mount --rbind /tmp /mnt/gentoo/tmp
chroot /mnt/gentoo /bin/bash

This is going to mount required filesystems and chroot into /mnt/gentoo meaning that you will be able to access gentoo on /mnt/gentoo using terminal simmilar to virtualbox.

Make it executable using chmod
6) Create a new alias in $HOME/.bashrc for chroot /mnt/gentoo

alias ge="chroot /mnt/gentoo"

Now if you invoke ge something that something will be invoked on guest from host.
7) invoke /mnt/gentoo/chrootme as root.
8) Install required packages on gentoo:

# Install Layman, xorg and lutris
## Layman is used to manage gentoo overlays to get bobwya's wine
EMERGE_DEFAULTS_OPTS="--autounmask-write --quiet --jobs" emerge layman xorg-x11 lutris
# Add bobwya's wine using layman
layman -S  && layman -a bobwya
# Install bobwya's wine
## List of packages here 
github . com/bobwya/bobwya/tree/master/app-emulation/wine-staging
## We will install wine-staging-4.2_p1::bobwya
EMERGE_DEFAULTS_OPTS="--autounmask-write --quiet --jobs" emerge =wine-staging-4.2_p1::bobwya

If you encounter problems with changes to /etc/portage alike:

Invoke dispatch-conf on guest and follow up with use-new in TUI (Terminal User Interface), then reinvoke emerge command.
9) Make a new user on guest.
We will use minion for a user in this example:
useradd -m -G users,wheel,audio,video -s /bin/bash minion
10) grab .Xauthority file from host
We need .Xauthority for xorg to see a new display.
xauth list $DISPLAY on host

xauth extract /mnt/gentoo/home/minion/.Xauthority endless/unix:0

Change endless/unix:0 based on output from xauth list.. if needed

xauth extract needs to reinvoked after each restart for some reason(?)

  1. You should be all set.
    For sake of demonstration we will open up league of legends on endless now

Download League of Legeds in /mnt/gentoo/home/minion/Downloads and rename it on something without spaces like lolinstall.exe

on guest invoke su minion to swich into a non-root

Invoke wine /home/minion/Downloads/lolinstall.exe on guest as non-root

Will be added on demand.

Feel free to join or contact kreyren (me) on with questions.


Don’t be so rude, if you dislike EOS, why are you still wasting your time with it? For you Gentoo seems the better way instead of EOS. But for many users out there, EOS exactly suits their need: A reliable Operating System for getting their daily stuff done.


Because everytime i ask for something i get “We support only flatpak” + because there are issues that are not adressed like inability to get wine working thus tutorial above.


The best way to accomplish your goal is to make Flatpaks of those Windows games that either bundle Wine or use a shared Wine runtime. And while that’s not one of Endless’s own goals, there are people working on it and we will benefit from that work


The best way to accomplish your goal is to make Flatpaks of those Windows games

ye ideally if winepak was maintained, added to my TODO list i see what i can do…

And while that’s not one of Endless’s own goals,

What is endlessOS goal then?

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