How to install ClustalX

Hi, I want to know if it’s possible install ClustalX. It’s a software that helps on the analysis of nucleic acid. The web site is

Thanks for help

From the looks of it, it seems possible to install ClustalX on endlessOS. Download the Linux version from here and compile it.

From that it seems, running ClustalX on Endless OS is not possible - even not on other current distributions, as the latest version is from 2010. The binary has some long outdated dependencies and the source won’t even build on recent systems. IMHO you have a few options on how to proceed:

  1. Run a old version of Ubuntu (like 12.04) virtualized in GNOME Boxes and then use ClustalX there
  2. Run the newer Clustal Omega version directly on Endless OS. This version unfortunately currently has no graphical user interface and is command-line only, but it works out of the box in Endless OS

Option 2:

chmod +x clustalo-1.2.4-Ubuntu-x86_64

then, run it:

./clustalo-1.2.4-Ubuntu-x86_64 --version

(don’t forget to give the necessary parameters appended)

Hi, I don’t know how to do it… Can you explain me please? Thanks for the help.

To use (=run) the software, follow the commands i provided above. I can’t tell you the exact parameters as they are domain specific and i’m unfamiliar with the software and it’s intended purpose.

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