How to install JAVA


How to install java in endlessOS & set class & classpath
& I have tried to put JDK folder in opt but unabel to put
please help me out


@shrikant92 Which applications do you want to use?


I want use it for scala
using IDE Eclipse .


Eclipse available at APP Center


I know ecelips IDE is there
but tell me how i can install java

& facing issue installing scala in ecelips



@wjt @cosimoc @ramcq Could help?


The version of Eclipse available from our App Center is actually pretty old, and I would not necessarily recommend it.
It looks like Eclipse has not been made available on Flathub yet, but has a much newer version that would be worth trying.

In any event, it’s possible to install Java on Endless OS since it’s available as a runtime extension for the Freedesktop 18.08 flatpak runtime. See for more information.


can you give me list of commant to install scala & SBT on endless os by refrence with this link



@shrikant92 Sorry, I don’t use those tools myself and I don’t know how to get them installed without actually experimenting and trying to do it :slight_smile:

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