How to re-install an Endless One Computer in English to a Spanish?

I bought the English version of Endless One Computer by mistake. My mother speaks Spanish only.

Please, Can you give me the installation steps to change to a Spanish version ?

Thank you!

Hi Cesar,

You probably can fix this situation without reinstalling, just by changing the language of the running session to Spanish:

  1. Click on the Endless button (bottom bar on the left), then on “Settings”
  2. Click on “Region & Language” to move into the language settings panel
  3. Click on the “Language” row, then select Spanish
  4. Restart the session when asked to logout, then re-login again.
  5. Your session should be in Spanish now.

Now, if you prefer to reinstall the system into the new version of Endless OS 3.0, you can select the image you like (e.g. Spanish) from the “Download from Linux or Mac” section in and then follow the instructions on “how to create a USB stick” to re-install the system in

Hope this is helpful,

After changing the language, you may also find that some of your apps (such as Encyclopedia) will still have English content. The best way to deal with this is to uninstall them, (and on pre-3.0 versions remove them from the device) and then reinstall them using the app center after changing the language. Beware that this will be a large download, several gigabytes in some cases!

Please don’t try and re-install/reformat an Endless One machine from an Endless USB stick. Two problems:

  • Endless systems come with the “codecs upgrade pack” pre-installed. Re-installing them will remove this from the system and some video files and websites will not work.
  • Our USB reformatter does not support systems with two disk devices (ie the 32GB models which have 16GB eMMC and 16GB internal SD card) so you could lose the use of half of your system’s storage.

Changing the language and then removing/reinstalling the apps to change them to Spanish as @ptomato suggests is the best plan.

Just to confirm @ramcq is perfectly right: while reinstalling might be an option for the case when you have previously downloaded and installed the Endless OS image yourself in your own hardware, that is discouraged when using Endless HW for the reasons outlined, where changing the language + reinstalling apps is a much better plan.

Sorry for the confusion,

Is there a way to have both English and Spanish apps installed simultaneously?

We have multiple users per machine, some speak Spanish and some speak English only.