How to Report Bugs

Writing your bug report

This forum is used to gather and track public bug reports. When creating a new topic in this subcategory you will be given a template to fill out with information about your hardware, locale and release version. Fill in this template as best you can, the more details you can provide the easier it will be for our developers to track down and fix the bug.

While Endless does not currently have a public bug tracker, we are evaluating several options for this based on cost, integration with our existing infrastructure, user friendliness and openness. Once a public bug tracker is chosen and implemented, these instructions will be update to show how to use it.

Gathering helpful data

Some information will always be useful for us to know, regardless of what problem you are experiencing. Here’s how to gather them:


Usually just knowing the make and model of your computer is all we need. If you are reporting a problem with an external device, like a printer or digital camera, please let us know the make and model of that device as well.

OS Version

The beta release of Endless OS will get updated about once a day, so it’s important for us to know exactly which update you have when you encountered a bug. The easiest way to gather this is to open the Settings application and go to the Details screen. Then provide all of the text in the Version field.


Sometimes a bug will happen in one locale but not another. Letting us know what language you are using for Endless OS will help us if we don’t see it happening in the locale we normally use.


When running the beta version of Endless OS your applications should not change. This is because the applications are provided by Flatpak packages that are updated independently of the OS itself. Even so, if you are encountering a bug only while using a specific application, it will help us to know which one.


The easiest way to take screenshots in Endless OS is using the PrtSc (Print Screen) button on your keyboard. This will take a picture of your entire desktop and save it under your Pictures folder. For more screenshot options you can use the Screenshots application that comes with Endless OS.

You can also record videos of your screen if necessary. In Endless OS you can start recording by pressing ctrl+alt+shift+R. A red circle icon will appear in the right side of the panel at the bottom of your screen while it is recording. Repeat those keys again to stop the recording. Once stopped, the video file will be saved under the Videos folder.

Please attach any relevant screenshots or recordings to your bug report.

Log files

To make it easier to gather important system information, errors, and other log messages, we provide a tool called eos-diagnostics. To run this, first open the Terminal application, then type eos-diagnostics and press enter. This will take a few minutes to check your system and combine log files, and will result in a file under your Home folder called eos-diagnostic-170904_132442_UTC-0400.txt with the end of the file name containing the date and time it was created.

Please attach this to your bug report.

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