How to use llm plataforms in linux endless?

how to use webtextui in linux endless? llm studio and ollama on endless?

I already tried to use them all and I couldn’t get any of them, just through colab

When I have to use ollama it asks me to download it using the curl function, but I can’t install it, I saw a tutorial here on the platform and it didn’t work for me

The last time I changed the OS on my notebook it didn’t work out very well, the first time I put Win 11 and the notebook stopped and I had to go to support, the other time I put Mint, and after a few months it showed some crashes, and I had to go to support again.

Do you think it will be different with Fedora?
which version do you recommend? my notebook is an asus m515da and it came with endless from the factory

first i switched endless to fedora , now i returned to endless os yesterday fedora os freezeening crash bug all app not work properlly, i think endless os best for me 100 percent

i feel better& fast with endless os, i alredy tryed ubantu, fedora,chrome os, not work properlly

I struggled to get it to work in Endless, almost nothing I have runs, LLM studio, Webgentext UI, OLLAMA…