How to use phone as webcam for desktop?

Pretty much what the title says.
I want to use my android phone as microphone and camera for a video call but the caller will share their screen. The screen on my phone is too small so I want to mirror or cast it to my PC screen. (I have 2 monitors).

I can see possibilities of via usb or wireless. The PC has wireless.

Android 14 has a built-in phone-as-webcam feature that I’ve used on Endless OS; you plug your phone in over USB, select “Webcam” in the notifications on your phone, and it shows up on the computer as a USB webcam (you might have to restart whatever app you’re using on the computer after enabling it for it to show up). If you’re not on Android 14, there are other options, depending on what exactly you’re trying to do.

Google Meet has a “Companion Mode” which lets you join normally from your phone, and then from a web browser on Endless OS using “Companion Mode” at the same time, so you can use your phone as the camera/mic but see the shared screen on the desktop.

Alternatively, you could join any video conferencing software (Meet, Zoom, Teams, etc.) from both your computer and phone and just make sure the webcam and mic are muted on the computer app/website.

Lastly, if you really want to nerd out, I’ve used VDO.Ninja which is a really cool web-based conferencing app that lets you pipe multiple video feeds from multiple places together, including from a phone. But it can be kind of complicated/overwhelming!

I hope these different options help you out. :slight_smile:

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