Hplip/hp-setup command not found

I have installed endlessos and enjoy this distro a lot because it’s very user-friendly.

I would like to configure an HP DeskJet scanner as shown in this video starting from 23’50":

However, I cannot run the “hp-setup” utility because the command is not found.
I read that hplip was replaced by printer-driver-postscript-hp and maybe this command is not available anymore…
Could you kindly help me?

Hi there!
You have an app called “Settings” in the right side of your screen, inside a button. If you click there, you will see the option “settings”. When you open this program, will appear the option “printers”. There you can install your printer and scanner. I hope been useful.

Thank you for your answser.
I have configured the printer but my issue is about the scanner configuration.
The above 2018 video describes a procedure but the HP tool “hp-setup” used by the guy is not found when I open a terminal.

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Could anyone kindly try to launch “hp-setup” command in a terminal?