I cannot boot my computer properly

Hi, i have this houve problem and I cannot solve It: I updated my os to the 3.6.1 version. But when I boot the pc the GRUB menu shows up and it enters on a infinity loop. Here what I see:

I cannot use the eos-rollback because I cannot access any kernel of the my system. Nota even the older one:

I really do not know what to do and I am despertar because my notebook is new (I bought it four days ago) and I am new to this endless os.

Please I need some help

It’s trying to mount some storage at /mnt/hellzinho but failing, and that is causing boot to fail.

Do you know anything about this? Was it something you set up? Do you recall changing any settings related to storage etc?

Sorry for the delay.

I reistalled endless os. Now I am trying to mount my HDD (I use a notebook with a SSD) to install games in there. I am using steam. What caused the problem last time was:
when I mount my HDD it not last until the next boot. Then I always have to mount it again. I used the following commands:

  • umount /dev/sdb1
  • sudo mkdir /mnt/steamgames
  • sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/steamgames
  • sudo nano /etc/fstab
    in /etc/fstab there is this line: LABEL=ostree / ext4 errors=remount -ro 0 0
    and I add a second line: UUID=correct-uuid-for-/dev/sdb1-with-blkid /mnt/steamgames ext4 defaults,noatime 0 0

It fixed the steam problem of finding the correct path to add the games library folder (it did not show up in the /run/media/silvio/hellzinhoHD the path where the HDD was mounted and /dev/sdb1 was read-only for steam’s eyes) but cause the problem during the boot.

I don’t see anything wrong with your procedure there, but it does seem to have caused you the failure last time. I wonder if the UUID was mistyped, for example if you missed the hyphen - characters from the UUID.

Anyway, change defaults,noatime to defaults,noatime,nofail
I think this will mean that boot will continue even if it cannot mount the device (although there may be a delay).
If it boots without mounting it then at least you’ll have a working system that you can login to and debug further.

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