I can't installed any localhost apps in Endless OS


Please solve this problem.


What do you mean by a “localhost app”?

Maybe this FAQ will be useful: https://support.endlessm.com/hc/en-us/articles/210527183-Can-I-install-Linux-software-and-apps-from-Ubuntu-Fedora-and-others-on-Endless-


localhost app mean XAMPP Apache software


I haven’t tried it myself, but you could potentially use systemd-nspawn or machinectl to run this kind of stuff in containers on your Endless OS machine.


As @wjt says the systemd containers could well work (and it’s something we’re looking at internally for testing so it could well be promising). Otherwise, the approach for running any external app on Endless OS is flatpak. This is also containerised, but isn’t so strong in the server space as it’s primarily aimed at desktop applications. However if you’re willing to look at some in progress code you can see cases such as our Electron DevApp where we bundle node, npm and other local dev tools.


Hi @nick_richards !
I’m interested in Electron DevApp for using dev tools but i don’t understood how can i use it …
I installed using th github instructions … i basically need it because i want to use it for a local server …

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