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I have been running endless on a laptop for just over a year, I guess I like it! It has some weird quirks like all all operating systems. I keep downloading distros, trying them on a virtual machine and then returning to endless.

Just thought I would mention the weird bits

  • So I noticed that the app center has different applications available on three different machines all running the same version of Endless 3.7.4 (191118-112147). On this laptop, i am missing quite a few applications available on the other machines.
  • When running disks, it is possible to format a usb drive NTFS and add files to it and have this USB drive not usable by any other machine than the one that creates it. It is possible to completely destroy a usb drive so that no version of linux or apple can read it but when plugged into a windows machine it can be recovered, it just takes about 30 minutes for windows to mark the drive as bad so you can then wipe it.
  • Really need a better way to write ISO files to USB other than disks, it does some weird restores and breaks more times than not. Unetbootin
  • For the last few updates my HP 6550B laptop just locks up so nothing works and then randomly unlocks and carries on like nothing has happened for the last five minutes.
  • When My machine wakes up the keyboard doesn’t work. Is I suspend again and wake up it then works.
  • Sometimes the lack of software available in the app centre drives me nuts.

Then I try other distros and then I am thankful for Endless

Thanks for the great feedback – it’s reassuring to know that, even if Endless isn’t perfect, you like it and have stuck with it!

Interesting – do you mean the applications shown in the Featured tab, or in categories/search results?

You could follow the second set of instructions on https://support.endlessm.com/hc/en-us/articles/208416346-How-do-I-make-a-debug-log-of-Endless-OS- (below “If that is so, follow these instructions:”) on two computers to get debug output from the app center, and attach it here along with a description/screenshots of which apps are visible on one but not on the other.

Is this reproducible? Can you give step-by-step instructions for how to make this happen?

It’s worth noting that unetbootin and Disks actually do different things – Disks writes the ISO file directly to disk, whereas UNetbootin formats the disk, copies files out of the ISO, and installs a bootloader.

Have you tried Fedora Media Writer, available in the App Center? Despite the name, it can write non-Fedora ISO images to USB media too.

The next time this happens, please get an eos-diagnostics file (following https://support.endlessm.com/hc/en-us/articles/208416346-How-do-I-make-a-debug-log-of-Endless-OS-) as soon as the computer recovers, and send it to us.

Ditto – please get a diagnostic file and send it to us.

Are there particular (categories of) apps that you’re missing?


Thanks for the reply. Yes, Endless linux feels like a well crafted OS to me,

I got excited that there was an ISO writer and went to install it. Ironically, Fedora media writer is not available on any of the machines I use. I have installed it from flatpak.org. Is there a way to refresh the app store?

The app store sometimes lacks the commercial products that other distros have available. ie, Teamviewer or an alternative to Gnome boxes
I will send logs through the next time my laptop locks up and I will document the disk format issue the next time I stuff my usb drive.


You shouldn’t need to explicitly refresh the app center, but there is a refresh button in the Updates tab.


Refreshing the app centre in the updates tab only seems to refresh updates. I have two laptops side by side, running the same version of Endless. On the left I can see a game in the games section called “Aquaduct” this game is not available in the right laptop. Similarly, in the utilities section “Zoom” is available in the right machine but not present in the left. It is like they are looking at totally different software libraries


  1. Open the application called ‘Terminal’
  2. In this application run the command:
flatpak update --appstream && flatpak update -y
killall gnome-software

Please could you follow both sets of instructions on https://support.endlessm.com/hc/en-us/articles/208416346-How-do-I-make-a-debug-log-of-Endless-OS- on both computers and attach the results here, with a description of which pair of files corresponds to which visible apps?

the flatpak update update command above did the trick.

I had previously used this script [which to me looks the same]

flatpak update --appstream
flatpak update --assumeyes

Just feeding back the lockups are no longer happening, obviously something got updated and it resolved the issue

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