I need help downloading TLauncher


I need help downloading tlauncher please help me


From version 3.0 on, Endless OS started adopting Flatpak, a new application distribution system


I did not understand what do you meant by that


For you to use TLauncher in Endless OS. The TLauncher must provide a Flatpak version.


You can do with terminal. You open terminal with Ctrl + Alt + T or go to app center and write Terminal.

On comm line write: $ sudo apt insall TLauncher.sh (
the name you assigned yours insallations file).

If you dont know when you can download insallations file, go to website: https://tlauncher.org/en/, look at down and download file for linux and follow the instructions.

Maybe endless does not support that app but still is linux distribution.
I hope i halp you.

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This will not work, because even if EOS is based loosely on Debian, apt isn’t usable as the entire system is based around OSTree and Flatpaks.

For TLauncher to work, someone has to do the heavylifting of creating a Flatpak Wrapper for TLauncher (which itself is a Java based application and should theoretically work with OpenJDK) and works out the various reasons that for sure will pop up. One issue that probably will arise is, that Minecraft itself is a Flatpak and can’t be started by TLauncher like an ordinary Executable.

Probably, your best bet to get TLauncher to work is to get in contact with the developers to see if they are willing to do the job, as Flatpaks are slowly becoming more common these days.

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