I'm stuck in emergency mode when trying to boot into endless os

Im relatively new to linux and everything that comes with it, my dumb self tried messing with the disk application knowing i didn’t really know what i was doing (stupid decision) and now i booted into the emergency mode with one error and three dependencies.

I’m wondering if there’s anything i can do in this emergency mode screen or if i have to reinstall eos again to fix the problem.

as it seems (according to the message at 2.518 seconds) you have messed up something with the partition layout of the disk the operating system is on. Without knowing the exact previous layout it’s extremely tricky and cumbersome to get this right again.

Personally i would go the reinstall way for the sake of getting a workable system asap. You can also boot with the live USB and try to repair it, but a stoney way will lie in front of you. Let us know if you want to take this route and we will assist you (but no guarantee that it will work :slight_smile: )