Impossible to install Endless 3.5.1


Hi. I cant install the new OS update. I restart the computer once the installation is downloaded but it stays stuck in a black screen for hours. So I have to turn off the PC and press ESC to come back to the previous version.

Here I leave you the “eos-diagnostics” file:

eos-diagnostic-181128_075140_UTC-0800.txt (711,6 KB)


Thanks for letting us know. This is not the only report we have had of this problem on this model of laptop; we’re looking into it.


It looks like you are running BIOS version 1.02 but there are newer versions available.
Could you please try updating to BIOS 1.12 and see if that helps?
If this is Acer Aspire A315-21 then you can download the new BIOS from here


Thanks for answering.

Ok. So I need to be sure that BIOS 1.12 is the one I have to install. Otherwise, if this is NOT the correct version, I could fuck the system.

Other question: For how long can I use the old endless OS version before I can’t use it anymore?

Thank u


By the way, I can’t choose Endless, only BIOS for Windows 10. So thats why I need your support to be entirely sure.


Hmm, you are right that Windows is required for updating the BIOS. If you do have means to try it, it would be great. There should be little risk about flashing the wrong BIOS - the flashing tool should prevent you from doing that. If you have doubts you could start at and click support, go through the whole process of selecting the model, just to make sure you end up at the right BIOS binary.

In response to your report we have tried two different Acer A315-21 with the latest Endless OS and they are working fine. However they have a CPU that differs from yours. We are attempting to get hold of a matching unit.


I had bought the same Laptop Acer Aspire A315-21 with Endless OS pre-installed.
My update also got stuck up.
Then I downloaded Endless 3.5.0 and replaced the pre-installed version. Now I am having Endless 3.5.1 after automatic update.
I have BIOS Version:
Vendor: Insyde Corp.
Version: V1.02
Release Date: 05/12/2017
and running Endless 3.5.1 without any problem.



Where did you downloaded 3.5.0 version?


You will get Endless 3.5.1 torrent now. I suggest you make usb stick and try it first before going for install.



I managed to reproduce the problem. Don’t worry about the BIOS update for now, I’ll get back to you soon once I have investigated.


As long as I know. The chance to use the previous ENDLESS OS version is
temporary. Is It ok?


Yes you can stick to the old version for the time being


Sorry for the inconvenience here. This problem has now been fixed in our latest version (Endless 3.5.3). Please boot the old version of Endless, go online, and proceed to update the OS to the latest version via the app center.

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