Improving the support documentation - next steps


I have completed a refresh of our support documentation at - I have removed outdated content, made some small content improvements, and reorganised the docs into a new structure.

At this point I would like to open this up for for further community involvement if anyone is interested:

It would be ideal if the common support cases on this forum could be solved by providing a link to relevant documentation on the support site. Ideally in such cases we don’t have to provide commands to run in the forum thread, instead we refer the affected users to a detailed page which includes the commands and any accompanying explanation. I’ve tried to cover a few of these like no such device ostree and eos3 GPG key expiry but I think there are a few more, at least I see many threads where the suggestion is to run flatpak and ostree from the command line (and I’m not exactly sure what is being worked around there).

What other key docs are missing from the support site, that would help us streamline our response to common requests on this forum?

Is anyone interested in contributing any specific missing documentation, or improving existing pages? I am happy to provide edit access to contributors, as long as you can trust the wiki admins to advise on placement within the hierarchy, and tweaking and (re)organising content where it makes sense.

Now that the previous/existing content is mostly settled… Is anyone interested in translating? Around 28% of support site visitors are from Brazil, so Portuguese translations would be of high value. Endless has a strong interest in Latin America too, and around 10% of visitors are from Spanish-speaking nations.

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