In Endless OS not enough listed apps

Why there are in the Endless OS no no emulators Citra Nintendo 3 DS, Desmume Nintendo DS, ePSXe Sony Playstation 1 and emulator Nintendo 64? There is also no browser Opera and Mail Agent . In Ubuntu it is, but not in Endless OS. Ubuntu can’t install it this Laptop Asus Vivobook and can install it Endless OS. Could you add the following apps in Endless OS?

You can use GNOME Games available on the App Center

The Opera, Brave, ungoogled-chromium and other browsers will be available soon at the Endless Store. Just keep the updated Endless OS :wink::wink::wink:

1) Click Add Website

2) Type

3) Click >

4) Click :heavy_plus_sign:

Right now is only possible to install apps that are based on Flatpak.

Al igual que algunos otros que no son flatpaks como Google Chrome

Maybe something will be added to the Flatpak. Thank you very much.