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I was using Chrome when the touchpad and keyboard stopped responding completely. After a few minutes of trying the cursor keys, I reluctantly turned off the machine by holding down the power button. How do I check my hard disk after having incorrectly shut down the machine? Should I have shut down the machine, or should I have waited? I have no reason to think so as my machine is fully updated (edit: but now 7 apps are showing up as unupdated), but was it, say, updating software in the background? Also, is there anything I can do to prevent reoccurrences of an unresponsive machine in the future? Thank you.

eos-diagnostic-190419_134710_UTC 0530.txt (1.0 MB)


Generally under Linux, the filesystem does it’s check when it’s necessary at boot. Normally you don’t need to manually start the filesystem check.

If you want to know if the filesystem has been checked during boot:

sudo bash
tune2fs -l $(blkid | grep ostree | awk -F ':' '{print $1}')

The relevant infos are:

Filesystem state: clean
Last checked: Tue Apr 9 00:10:38 2019


Thanks. I’m getting:
awk: 1: unexpected character 0xe2
awk: line 2: missing } near end of file
tune2fs 1.43.4 (31-Jan-2017)
Usage: tune2fs [-c max_mounts_count] [-e errors_behavior] [-f] [-g group]
[-i interval[d|m|w]] [-j] [-J journal_options] [-l]
[-m reserved_blocks_percent] [-o [^]mount_options[,…]]
[-p mmp_update_interval] [-r reserved_blocks_count] [-u user]
[-C mount_count] [-L volume_label] [-M last_mounted_dir]
[-O [^]feature[,…]] [-Q quota_options]
[-E extended-option[,…]] [-T last_check_time] [-U UUID]
[-I new_inode_size] [-z undo_file] device


Hm… the forum changes my symbols :slight_smile: I updated the commands above, they now contain the correct apostrophe.


Thanks. It looks okay:

Filesystem state: clean

Last checked: Thu Jul 27 02:10:05 2017

I don’t have to worry about having entered an incorrect command, right?


No, don’t worry, nothing bad happened. Actually, nothing happened :slight_smile:

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