Install fails on raspberry pi 400

Dear all,
I recently purchased a raspberry pi 400 as a Substitute for my daughter’s pc after it finally went down for good. I downloaded the raspberry pi image of the latest stable version (4.0.4), verified the download, created a so card (fast 128GB card) using balena etcher. Unfortunately, the initial boot process freezes completely after showing the dreaded “entering emergency mode” message. As the system will not respond to anything other than disconnecting power. No shell can be used- the system simply freezes and Dienst react to anything. Hence I cannot provide anything in the form of logs etc.
I suspect it had to do with the slightly different hardware the raspi 400 uses compared to “regular” raspi 4s?
Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately there are some limitations with our RPi support. Unfortunately Rpi400 is not supported yet.

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