Install on partitioned SD with windows already on hd

Hi I would like to install EOS on a partitioned sd card on my laptop.
first partition: endless os
second partition: files (possibly shared with windows)
computer hd: windows 10
Can anyone tell me how to achieve this?
Many thanks in advance

Unfortunately we only support installing Endless alongside Windows where Windows is the first OS. Back up all your data. Install Windows 10, erasing all data on the disk. Go to and download the Endless installer, and then install Endless again that way.

Yes windows is already my first OS onthe main HD, the only thing I wanted to do is to install endos on SD instead of my HD because I don’t have space on my HD. It is like installing on a second HD, I was able to do this with Ubuntu and then I choose from bios wich os to star indipendently on which HD the OS is installed. Is this not possible with EndlessOS?
Many thanks


Unfortunately the option to install Endless alongside Windows is the one described in the article shared by Leandro.

So the short answer is I can only install alongside Windows on the same HD.
If so many thanks for your help, I will replace my hd first…

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