Installed on tablet, works great. Screen keyboard settings?

I am running Endless OS 3.8 on a Lenovo Miix 3-8 tablet (z3735f Atom Bay Trail, 2GB RAM, 32GB, 1024x768 screen). Most components including wifi, bluetooth, multitouch and screen rotation are working correctly.

This device has a 64bit processor yet only supports 32bit UEFI, and despite this, I had no problems booting and installing Endless OS directly from USB thumb drive. This is by far the most polished, ‘touch-friendly’ linux I have tried. Kudos to the Endless OS team!

QUESTION: I sometimes use the existing onscreen keyboard, and it works well in landscape mode. However, when in portrait mode, there are two different versions of the screen keyboard that may appear. One is clearly more usable than the other (see pics). Is there some way to control which version appears?