Internet connection fails constantly after a couple of minutes of stable connection on EOS 4.0.9

Hi i upgraded to 4.0.9 but internet connection fails constantly after a couple of minutes of stable connection. How can I fix this?

I assume that this is the same regression in 4.0.9 as already mentioned earlier. Please stay at 4.0.8 until the issue has been fixed (hopefully) with the next release.

But to be sure, please provide a diagnostic before performing the rollback-steps outlined above. Open Terminal, then run eos-diagnostics and upload the generated file here.

@ilkers Please provide the file generated by running eos-diagnostics right after experiencing the problem. Thanks!

eos-diagnostic-220919_222646_UTC 0300.txt (2.2 MB)

thank you very much for the quick response how can I revert to 4.0.8?

Open a Terminal, then run:

sudo eos-rollback

Then, reboot and disable automatic updates. Check the forum once in a while to see if the next version has been released.

In this case the rollback procedure suggested above will revert you to version 3.9.7, which is the version you were running before.
Was the wifi definitely working reliably before the upgrade?
Sharing a diagnostic log from after the rollback (i.e. while you are running 3.9.7) could be useful.

From the log, I notice there are two WiFi SSIDs FiberHGW_TP6DC8_5GHz and FiberHGW_TP6DC8_2.4GHz. And, the laptop connects to FiberHGW_TP6DC8_2.4GHz.

Is the WiFi connection keeping stable, if it connects to FiberHGW_TP6DC8_5GHz with EOS 4.0.9?