Is possible to use weka data mining software on OS Endless

Hi everyone

I’m having some issues regarding Weka software. I’ve downloaded the most recent stable version for linux, but still, not able to run it so far.

Is OS Endless compatible to it?


The Endless OS is only compatible with Flatpak Applications. At the moment Weka doesn’t have a Flatpak version

You can install using the toolbox command. The Toolbox is a tool that offers a familiar RPM based environment for developing and debugging software that runs fully unprivileged using Podman. I recommend reading the toolbox command documentation using the command toolbox --help or

Create a new toolbox container using the command:

toolbox create --release f33

To run the toolbox use the command:

toolbox enter --release f33

To install Weka 3.8.5 use the command:

sudo dnf install java-11-openjdk
cd weka-3-8-5

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