Layered Packages on OStree



i would like to change my distro, which is questionable in the meantime, but i don’t know if endless - os is able to add 3rd party repos and to layer applications via rpm-ostree install.

i don’t want to use chrome/chromium or firefox (telemetry without corresponding user.config) for privacy-reasons. alternatives (for me) are only “ungoogled” chromium-based browsers like brave or iridium. is that possible? if yes, i change instantaneously.



Hi @noemata,

Thanks for your interest in Endless OS. Endless OS is based on Debian rather than RPM so we do not use rpm-ostree to compose our ostrees. (We do this on the server and our tool does not support layering / incremental composes - it’s a glorified combination of debootstrap and ostree commit - see :D) Our strongly preferred way to install software is as a Flatpak, but it seems Brave is not yet available in a Flatpak (see It does however look like they provide pre-compiled 64-bit Linux binaries, so you could just unpack these and then run them, basically.



i understand. first of all, thanks for the answer. that’s not so common in linux forums (virtual huges or not).

i have 2 drives and can give it a try. the right browser as graphical interface of a secure system into the insecure web is very important to me. we should never forget “prism”.

i like your approach and above the idea of expanding offline-resources of the os (in contrast to ibm & co. with their “cloud” plans (stallman will hate this development in the linux world - rightly so).

let’s see,

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