LibreOffice is locking in Endless OS 3.3.0 beta 1


eos-diagnostic-171002_100305_UTC-0300.txt (1,1 MB)


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Looking at the diagnostic file, it shows that you’ve installed the LibreOffice.flatpak (from upstream LibreOffice I assume) but you also still have the pre-installed version of LibreOffice on Endless OS. There are user processes fr the pre-installed version currently running on your system, I wonder if the flatpak version sees those and exits thinking it’s already running.

@Nick_Richards is the pre-isntalled LibreOffice in /usr/lib/libreoffice/ supposed to be removed when upgrading to 3.3?


@mhall119 We have not switched to the flatpak version yet. We intend to do so in a future release, but we are unable to complete the move to flatpak for Endless OS 3.3.0. We have, however, updated the pre-installed Libre Office to a modern version, so it hopefully will meet user’s needs in the meantime. There is no option to remove the pre-installed version, as it is part of the core OSTree. Once we are ready to switch to the flatpak version, we will automatically remove the older version. (That is the easy part – the difficult part is automatically installing the flatpak version on upgrade once we have removed it from the core OSTree.) It would be interesting to confirm if the problem is a conflict between the flatpak version and the core OSTree version.




Thanks, @LeandroStanger. We are going to stay with version 5.4.1 for the Endless OS 3.3 release, but hope to switch to the flatpak version sometime in the next couple months, at which point we would start tracking the upstream version more closely.


Curriculum application does not open
eos-diagnostic-171009_123657_UTC-0300.txt (353,8 KB)


@LeandroStanger We just pushed a fix to the flatpak runtime that fixes the Resume/Curriculum and Finance/My Budget apps. If you update the Endless Platform in the app center, those two apps should work again.


LibreOffice is no longer locking Endless OS 3.3.0 beta After the last update

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