Limpiar caché del DNS


Es solo para saber cómo puedo limpiar el caché del DNS a través del programa Terminal.

Gracias :slight_smile:

Show answer: You can’t :slight_smile:

Long answer: There is no such thing as a system wide DNS cache like in Windows on most linux distributions. Some distributions use systemd-resolve which is kinda like a DNS Resolver with cache, but not EOS.

Do you have any problems with DNS lookups?


Haznos saber si la solución proporcionada te ha ayudado, por favor.

No, I was just trying to enter a server in Minecraft but it said (could’nt resolve hostname) so a friend told to clear DNS cache through a cmd, but obviously he didn’t know I was using Endless OS. I eventually got into the server without the need of doing anything.

In any case thank you for replying, it’s always good to know more about the OS I’m using.

Sí me ayudó, muchas gracias.

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