Live USB from macOS OSX


I downloaded the full and the ‘lite’ version, but can’t find anywhere how to make a Live USB.
Only found the ‘tutorial’ to Linux users.


Hi Fernando,

I’ve not got a working Mac so I’ve not been able to write or test instructions for macOS users. You should be able to use the app to write the image to a USB stick. If Etcher doesn’t recognize the .img.gz file you may need to decompress the .img.gz to a .img file first. I don’t know if there is a GUI way to do this on Mac but you should have the “gunzip” command if you open a Terminal.

If Etcher doesn’t work out for you, you can also follow the steps at to write the .img directly to your USB afyer you have unpacked it, just use the eos-eos3.0-bla-bla.img instead of Fedora.iso in the command line.

Note: We have not tested whether our OS boots or works on Mac hardware, it’s not an officially supported target for us.


Thanks for the answer. I’ll try it later. So even if I manage do make the live USB, it’s not been ‘officially tested’? To make the best of it, I should use in a PÇ computer instead?


You can try it in a Mac, nothing “bad” should happen - most likely is it just doesn’t show up as bootable. If it does, it might work. It not, it might improve once we prepare our ISO images, but otherwise yes a PC would be more reliable as that’s what we’re testing/developing with.