Locomalito's on Endless

Hello people of Endless OS,

I’m happy to now have a laptop with Endless OS - an impression of peace to me, at first sight.

One way to promote this OS somewhat better would be to make the programmer Locomalito’s free Arcade-games work on Endless as well, especially my most favourite space shooter “Hydorah” and his platform games.

Is it possible to write an app which would do just this?
Translate Locomalito’s free games into Endless’ world?

Some probably will answer with recommending emulators like “wine” or other more general “packagers”.

But how would it work step-by-step to create a translator just for these games?

I’m just a beginner, so please pardon me for asking the question in such a simpleminded manner.

These games are the only thing really missing to me…

Can you propose some step-by-step solutions to let me know where to start best?

Simply spoken you can’t without the developer. The games are closed source and only available on certain platforms including Steam. No native Linux version is available, so you also can’t simply grab the binary and wrap them into a Flatpak to run on EOS.

So currently, you have to install Steam on EOS to be able play it.

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