Mendeley on Endless can't login


Mendeley on Endless can’t login, but when i try to install Mendeley flatpak on other distribution (i.e, Ubuntu) it works (i mean can login).
Any problem with this @Nick_Richards?


Oh, i know what this problem is. It’s this:

The java runtime isn’t correctly populating the SSL certificates so authentication will always fail.


@feaneron will be interested in this too.


it works right now, version 1.17.3


Great! I hoped we’d fixed that.


Hi. I am facing problems with my references. I use Endless 3 OS and Libre Office Version I can put the citations normally but I cannot insert the references at the end of the document. It just appears the word “References” without any content. How could I fix this problem? Thanks in advance


@thisaro What version of Endless OS are you using?
To check which version of Endless OS you are in Settings :arrow_right: Details


What version of Mendeley that are you using?


Thanks for responding. I am using Mendeley v. 1.19.3, Libre Office and Endless 3.5.3


It seems that Mendeley does not support version 6 of Libre Office due to plugin issues. Any suggestion of how I could resolve this problem, as I already have hundreds of citations and I am not able to generate the references (not even copying and paste as formatted citation)…
Thank you all.


try with this one


That is my current Mendeley version. Mendeley informed that:

“We deeply regret that we are not yet supporting Libre Office 6.1 due to plug in issues. For the complete list of OS, please refer to this link:
It seems I have no option besides waiting for a new Mendeley version… :frowning:


Another solution is use oldest version of LibreOffice that Mendeley supported. I also face this problem when clicking Insert Bibliography whereas Insert Citation is working

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