MergerFS Pooling of drives in Endless

Hi, I want to pool a number of hard drives together, i have achieved this using mergerFS before, is there a way to achieve this with Endless? I can do everything else in containers that i want to do but i am not sure this would work for mergerfs? Please advise, i really want to stick with endless if possible but need this pooling ability. Thank you

I just tried the static binary provided by the project and it works as the necessary prerequisites are in Endless OS. But you have to manually work everything out.

The steps involved are:

  1. Download the binary from the projects release page
  2. Put everything into /usr/local
  3. Configure the whole thing (e.g. create the filesystem on the disks, create the desired mountpoints, …)

One thing to keep an eye on is the fact that entries provided in /etc/fstab are not evaluated automatically during boot on Endless OS, so you have to provide some other way to mount the filesystem (like a autostart desktop file which runs mount -a …)

Thank you very much, will give it a go and report back, much appreciated! :slight_smile: