Metered data survey

Last week, in London, several engineers from Endless worked with counterparts from Red Hat, Canonical, elementary, and beyond to discuss how to bring Endless’ metered data functionality to the upstream GNOME project. We need your help to get information about what kinds of metered data collection plans are common around the world. I’ll quote one paragraph from Philip Withnall’s blog post:

While looking at metered data, however, we realised we don’t have much information about what types of metered data connections people have. For example, do connections commonly limit people to a certain amount of downloads per month, or per day? Do they have a free period in the middle of the night? We’ve put together a survey for anyone to take (not just those who use GNOME, or who use a metered connection regularly) to try and gather more information. Please fill it out!

If you use a metered data connection, please fill in this survey – this will help us to understand how to make this feature work well as many users as possible. Thank you in advance!

If you’re not sure what “metered data” means, here’s how the survey defines it:

A metered data connection is an internet connection which has a data limit or per-data charge associated with it. A typical example would be a 4G contract for a phone, where the total amount downloadable in a month is limited to 1GB. Another example would be a MiFi device or internet cafe providing an internet connection which charges for data usage at £1 per gigabyte.