Mpeg codec no funciona

No funciona ninguna aplicacion de video , entiendo que faltan codec pero no se como revisarlo


Please send us a diagnostic by following the instructions from this article:

eos-diagnostic-200716_162804_UTC 0200.txt (1.3 MB)


Please try updating your OS by accessing the app Terminal and entering the command:

sudo ostree admin upgrade

For anything video related i highly recommend you to install VLC as the video player of your choice. It supports a ton of difference media containers and codecs and probably can play your file(s).

1 metadata, 0 content objects fetched; 1 KiB transferred in 2 seconds thats what appeared then when I ve followed your instructions, anyway VLC also doesnt works or any other player

Algo que nos ayudaría mucho a entender el problema sería la siguiente:

  1. Abra la aplicación llamada ‘Terminal’
  2. En esta aplicación, ejecute el comando:


  1. El comando anterior creará un archivo con la información del sistema (por ejemplo EOS-diagnóstico-160614_111731_UTC + 0100.txt); Envíenos este archivo para que podamos analizar y ver una posible solución

Here it goes eos-diagnostic-200718_130631_UTC 0200.txt (1.1 MB)

Can you please give us a little more information about the file in question? If VLC can’t handle the file, chances are good that no player can handle it correctly, as it can be considered the Swiss Army Knife of Video Players.

well if on apple SO works and also works with google chrome , why I cant see any video .avi or mp4 or whatever file? With any video program appeared on app center?

Maybe will be any codec missing? How can I check it?

Generally there isn’t such a thing as extra codecs which need to be installed to be able to decode some video / audio files. Applications are linked against a library which provide the necessary functionality (like libavcodec). In the Flatpak World, applications need to ship their own version of these libraries.

So essentially if a given Player can’t play your file, there’s no way to add the codec.

Can you please run VLC, open the file and select “Tools -> Codec Information”. It will open up a Window with information like these:


Please attach these information and the error message you get in VLC while playing the file.

Well as when I ve tried to open, VLC does nothing

Im sorry due its on catalan but anyway messsage on any language should be same

ALso the only program that works properly is Avidemux, the only one of all list of apps

OK, thanks for the information. Videos with XVID Codec are supported by VLC, so it made me dig a little deeper to see whats going on here. And as it turns out, it seems that some videos from “special sources” are tampered in such a way, that they try to redirect you to some malware site when used by some players like Windows Media Player. VLC detects such tampering and prevents you from playing such files. It also seems that some players which support XVid are simply skipping such parts and play these files.

See and associated threads in the VLC forum for more information about this.

Thank you so much, I will investigate about it.

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