Multiple Workspaces

I seem to recall that earlier versions of Endless had multiple workspaces that could be switched to like in done in a generic upstream install of Gnome. Since Endless 4(?) has been released I have been unable to get multiple workspaces working. Either I am missing something or that ability has been dropped.

Personally I found dynamically creating and closing workspaces to be highly useful. Much like on a tablet every application is full screen and either swiping or keyboard shortcuts moves one from task to task. If that has been removed, I would enjoy seeing it back. And if it is there and I just can not figure it out, I would appreciate some pointers.

I use Endless on a Lenovo X230t which can be used and is often used as a Tablet. Moving/swiping from workspace to workspace easily is kind of the killer feature of a tablet.

It’s still there, but it’s not activated by default. Open up a terminal, then enter the following command:

dconf write /org/gnome/mutter/dynamic-workspaces true

Now, when fireing up the workspace/task-switcher, you’ll be able to create additional workspaces:

Please note that it’s been disabled by default for a good reason - it has some quirks with Endless’s desktop environment. Just check if you can life with them - if not, you can revert to the original state by issuing the following command:

dconf write /org/gnome/mutter/dynamic-workspaces false

Thanks for your assistance. I always forget about digging through Dconf Editor for settings. I am a big fan of Endless. It is rock solid, robust and self maintaining. And every new release just improves on that. But I have always found the UI confusing and hard to work in. The UI does not seem to iterate toward a long term objective. It feels more like an “Alright well let’s try this.”

The earlier designs were based on extensive research with people who had very limited (or zero) PC usage experience. In more recent years there’s been a gradual focus on reducing the deviations from the GNOME base, while retaining focus on key features of icons on the desktop & a dock.

This is further evolving along those lines for Endless OS 5, which does have multiple workspaces :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing a peek at what is coming. I fix up and pass along machines to assisted living facilities and to kids for after school messing around. Computers running Endless are excellent in such situations. My life is easy because the system is solid and robust and I do not have to stay actively involved in keeping them working.

I am a big fan of Endless. I use it on a Lenovo X230t. I am very impressed at how well it supports the hardware. Endless OS 4 made it a bit less useful as a tablet. I am delighted to hear that easy to use work spaces are on the horizon. Thanks

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