My computer does not load OS

Hello, I have an Asus vivobook, one of those that come by default Endless OS.

One of these days I turned on the computer and it hasn’t let me start.

The option appears:

Endless OS
(Inside Advanced I got the options Endless OS 3.7.7 and Endless OS 3.7.8)

I have selected the 3 in various attempts and it does not let me continue when I give the 3.7.7 if I get the Endless LOGO that it is starting but it stays there forever.

and when I select Endless OS or 3.7.8 I get an error:

"error: Can’t read kernel
error: you need to load the kernel first

And after that I go back to the options menu that I mentioned at the beginning.

I tried what @egrath suggested

“When you select 3.7.7 and get stuck at the Endless Logo, what does happen when you press the ESC Key? Normally the endless Logo should disappear and the boot log should be shown. If this is the case, can you please upload a photo of it.”

then I tried that when LOGO is stuck I press ESC key, and show me this page with kernel panic message

I have been searching through this forum and the internet and I have not found the solution, many shows a more advanced BIOS mode that does not appear or look like the one on this computer. Could you help me?

Thank you

PS: I do not have another computer, it is the only one I have and due to COVID situations I cannot tell someone to lend me a bootable USB from their computer.

looks to me like your HDD/SSD is failing and the System is unable to read required files for booting. I would highly recommend you to:

  1. Boot with a Live USB to check if you still can access the Filesystem and back up any needed files to another USB Stick.
  2. Verify your with your vendor if your device is still covered by warranty and request a RMA

Hi, I suggest to contact the person/company that sold the computer and request a replacement.

A replacement is definitely needed. But what are the chances that the boot drive is damaged ? I have never seen in my life a damaged HDD/SSD . I own a 10 years old HDD and it is still working.

Please, don’t give people wrong or misleading informations.

  1. Under normal circumstances, software can’t kill hardware.
  2. Some old SSDs which don’t support the TRIM command can get damaged if using a old operating system with them, which also don’t support TRIM. But this is a real edge case and doesn’t apply since many years.
  3. You don’t need any extra kind of software to keep your drivers current. In EOS, all drivers are supplied using the regular update mechanism and are bound to the specific kernel version in the actual realease (Sidenote: You don’t even need such kind of software on Windows, nor have needed it anytime in the past. Most of these software products are kind of scam)

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