My pc doesn't start after the os update

@Atlas5 you could try going into your BIOS settings and changing the Secure Boot Mode from “Customized” to “Standard” if that option is present. You can find instructions on how to access your BIOS here:

Hi, my BIOS doesn’t have the secure boot mode settings. I upload a screenshot of how my bios look like

It looks like you’re in EZ Mode but if you hit F7 you’ll go to Advanced Mode.

Found secure boot but is like that

You could try enabling Secure Boot if it will let you.

Same here. The recovery instructions are not accurate.
When your computer fails to start correctly it leaves you at a command prompt – # --, when you are there hit Ctr-Alt-Del keys at the same time, just as you would for Windows; when you do this the computer will reboot and come to GRUB boot screen. Be ready to press the down arrow on your keyboard, as you only have a few seconds (maybe 5?) to do it! Select Advanced and press Enter key. Next will be a choice of which Endless OS version to boot, the top or first one is the newest (FAILURE), the second choice is the old OS version. Press your down arrow key to select it, then press the Enter key.

@TowerGuy74 when you boot the latest version, do you see exactly the same screen as in the original post (ie “Entering emergency mode.” etc.) or something different? If you are able to boot into the previous version, please follow these instructions to generate a debug log, and attach it here.

Please can you take a photograph of the choices you are offered at the boot menu?

Once you reach the emergency shell, please run “journalctl”. Then take a photograph of the output, hit space to display the next page, and repeat until you reach the end of the journal.

What is the exact manufacturer and model of your PC?

My pc is Asus Vivo Book
The number of photos i took in journalctl is 18 and i can upload only in a message

I start with the first. If you want i can upload only the photos that have a error message inside

I enabled that and appeared a key management for that secure boot

I have adjusted the settings on your user account – you should now be able to upload multiple images in one message.

Thank you

Did you find something ?

Many thanks for sharing all those photos.

The system has detected some filesystem corruption and it doesn’t want to automatically repair it, since there is a risk of data loss during the repair process.

I suggest first booting an Endless USB disk (or another Linux distro USB) and use that to attempt to access your laptop hard disk and backup any important files on separate media (when browsing the disk, you’ll find your data under “home”). Even though there is some filesystem corruption, most likely you can read files off it.

When you’ve taken a backup just to protect us against the worst case scenario, boot Endless again, and when you get to this error screen, carefully run:
fsck /dev/sda3
You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to fix several filesystem problems, just say “yes” here.
If you could take some more photos throughout that process it would be much appreciated, might give us some hints as to what happened.
After the repair is complete, run reboot and hopefully you’ll boot back into Endless again. Check that your files seem intact.

I’m sorry that the handling of the filesystem corruption here is sub-standard, we’ll work on improving this for the future.

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Thank you very much, i’ll do this today. One last thing, can you explain me how to create a usb endless disk ?

You need access to another computer:

At first you need to determine which device your USB Stick got assigned to. Check with:


Now that you now which device your USB Stick is at, perform the actual transfer:

sudo bash
dd if=EOS.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=8192 conv=sync,noerror

(make sure to replace sdX with the actual device name)

I’m taking lot of photos i will post them at the end of the process, but now i’m stucked here

What should i do ?

You’re done at that point! Now run reboot

Sorry that it’s very unclear, we definitely need to improve this!

And if it’s not too much hassle I’d be interested to see the rest of the photos.

Now it works perfectly and nothing has been deleted. I upload the pics. I took one for every “yes” i wrote so there are a lot of images

In caricamento: IMG_20190701_141720.jpg… In caricamento: IMG_20190701_141714.jpg… In caricamento: IMG_20190701_141354.jpg… In caricamento: IMG_20190701_141511.jpg… In caricamento: IMG_20190701_141748.jpg… In caricamento: IMG_20190701_141747.jpg… In caricamento: IMG_20190701_141453.jpg… In caricamento: IMG_20190701_141701.jpg… In caricamento: IMG_20190701_141300.jpg… In caricamento: IMG_20190701_141539.jpg… In caricamento: IMG_20190701_141335.jpg… In caricamento: IMG_20190701_141341.jpg… In caricamento: IMG_20190701_141346.jpg… In caricamento: IMG_20190701_141321.jpg… In caricamento: IMG_20190701_141309.jpg…

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