Nao consigo abrir nenhum aplicativo do Central de Programas

Meu linux é a versão 3.3.14 , ja tentei atualizar mas quando reinicia ele n troca de versão

Which commands do you have tried already to get to the latest version?

First of all, run:

eos-updater-ctl update

And wait for it to finish. If you don’t get the new version after a reboot, please also run:

sudo ostree admin upgrade

If that does not work let us know for further analysis.

usei os códigos corretamente mas não funcionou

  1. Abra o aplicativo chamado ‘Terminal
  2. Neste aplicativo execute o comando:
flatpak update --appstream && flatpak update -y
sudo ostree admin upgrade
eos-updater-ctl update --force
  1. Reinicie o Computador

Can you please provide a detailled log of the upgrade process by following the instructions in this post:

logged-upgrade.txt.gz (42,5,MB)

Just finished replaying the update scenario from your version to the latest on in a VM - due to the age of your installation (3.3.14 is rather old), there are some steps involved in getting up to date:

3.3.14: Run sudo ostree admin upgrade, this will lead you to version:
3.3.20: Run eos-updater-ctl update, this will lead you to version:
3.9.4: This is the current version. Now, when at this version, update all applications:

flatpak update --appstream -y
flatpak update -y