.net core framework - how to install on Endless OS

How Install C# .net core framework on Endless OS?

Short answer: You can’t, as Endless OS only supports applications based on the Flatpak standard are supported immediatly.

Long answer: You can by setting up a container which runs any distribution of your choice (like Debian) and can almost seamless integrate into your environment. I use this approach on EOS for running many applications not available in Flathub (App Center). There are also two choices here, either use the supplied toolbox command, which runs a Fedora container, or use Podman directly, which allows you to run many different distributions.

Toolbox approach:

toolbox create     # will create a new, Fedora based toolbox
toolbox enter      # enter the created toolbox

Podman approach:

Podman is more flexible, as it also allows you to access USB devices inside the container and also gives you accelerated 3D when running applications which need that. I’ve uploaded a simplified script for creating and running such containers here:

To use it, make it executable (chmod +x debian11.sh) and run it with:

debian11.sh create # this will create the container
debian11.sh run    # this will run a already created container

Toolbox also uses Podman under the hood, so you can manage Toolbox containers with Podman (e.g., export/import, …)

Tnx a lot. It’s very helpful.

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