Netflix Not Working On Firefox!

Hi Friends,

Netflix is not working on Firefox, how can I get the issue resolved? Any idea?

I’ve not got my Netflix password so I can’t test it right away, but two things worth checking - firstly if you go to Add-ons in the menu and then select Plugins, can you see “Widevine Content Decryption Module provided by Google” in that list, and it’s installed? (see for more details about that) Secondly if that’s working, go to and check that Widevine seems to be working correctly, and that video/mp4 is checked in the list.

@CyrilRolfson Firefox 70?


I was not able to reproduce netflix videos either on my computer, but Firefox gave me the option to install the missing components for this. The yellow pop up box appeared closed to the search browser area, and after clicking it, I was able to watch videos.

My suggestions is to verify that you have the latest version of Endless OS and also the latest version of Firefox.


Thanks guys it worked at last. This was really helpful

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