Network tool binaries to do Flathub Trouble Shooting

I would like to suggest to have “curl” and “mtr” binaries in the next EOS release. This 2 binaries required to do the following as below:

mtr -rw -c 50

curl -svo /dev/null -H’Fastly-Debug:1’

For advance user for sure this can be done using podman but i’m considering for end user (non-technical individual) how they want to the this troubleshooting or other related network troubleshooting in the future.

just my 2 cent

Khairul Aizat Kamarudzzaman

thanks to @wjt ,
this can be done by pulling docker image from repository

podman pull praqma/network-multitool
podman run -d network-multitool
podman exec -it 5ff8e6964925 bash
bash-5.0# ls /usr/bin/ | grep curl
bash-5.0# ls /usr/sbin/ | grep mtr

  • do please change 5ff8e6964925 to your Container ID
  • to get Container ID , run

podman ps -a

then run the curl and mtr command above

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Great! How do you actually run those commands having pulled that container?

I’ve updated my post how to run those command

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