No applications or menu when after formatting to harddrive from usb

I am unable to type any diagnostic because the terminal will not pull up using keyboard shortcuts. I created a usb using the windows tool on endless’ website. When booting from the usb, I am able to create the account and access the apps, start menu, etc…

However, after formatting it to the drive and removing the USB (as prompted) I get through the account set up then nothing but the desk top and the power/volumebrightness adjuster utilities in the bottom right corner.

I have tried reformatting it to the drive a second time and still end up with just the desk top and not apps/startmenu.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try using only lowercase characters in your username when going through the account setup process.

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Thanks, that worked out for me.

Great news, thanks for confirming!

This bug will be fixed in Endless OS 4.0.10.