No boot options. Computer boots to Windows directly

Hi, I have installed endless OS yesterday. It installed successfully and asked to restart. After restarting, it boots normally to Windows. No options of dual boot. Please help.

Same here :disappointed:

This is a known issue with some Acer computers. What make/model of computer do you have? If it’s Acer, we have steps (in Portuguese) to fix it manually, we can have someone translate them… :slight_smile:

Mine is hp 1000 series laptop (HP 1000 1401AU) with AMD E series processor.

Same answer fifth time:

After installing endlessos boot again with the usb drive and open the " GNOME disks " from " Utility " and select your harddisk where the OS is installed and select settings and make it bootable.

There is an option " Bootable " check it and power off and remove usb and reboot and you have a working OS.

Thanks @smileyyasha but this fix only applies to BIOS boot systems which are reformatted with Endless. It’s not applicable to dual boot systems or EFI systems - here we have a known issue with correctly creating an EFI boot entry for Endless which we hope to fix soon, and additionally to this, Acer systems have a completely broken EFI implementation which makes it impossible for us to add boot entries. In both cases the symptom is that the install process completes successfully, but the computer just boots into Windows like nothing happened. We’re planning to fix the first problem ASAP (today hopefully) but for the 2nd we need to ask people if they have Acer systems and publish a FAQ about how to manually add a boot entry for Endless. We’re working on that too.

yes sir my laptop is acer f5-572g and im having the same problem please provide solution.


Can you share the solution? Thanks!