No me deja actualizar sistema operativo ni instalar programas

Hola, tengo una computadora endless con las siguientes especificaciones:

Versión: Endless 2.6.10

memoria 1.9 GiB

procesador Intel® Celeron® CPU N2807 @ 1.58GHz × 2

graficos Intel® Bay Trail x86/MMX/SSE2

tipo de so 32-bit

disco 487.9 GB

La cuestión es que quiero actualizar el sistema operativo y cuando le doy a buscar actualizaciones me dice que hubo un error, además en el centro de programas no me deja instalar ningún programa, cuando intento instalar cualquier cosa me dice que no se pudo porque hubo un error, me podrían ayudar por favor. Gracias.

Gracias, lo intenté y me arroja lo siguiente de forma instantánea:

error: Certificado TLS inaceptable

error: Certificado TLS inaceptable
Upgrade complete! Please reboot the computer to start using Endless OS 3

Reinicio y todo sigue igual.

Your installation is really outdated and you may run into multiple issues taking the upgrade path from EOS 2 all along to the 4.x series. My personal recommendation would be to backup all of your relevant data and perform a fresh installation of the most recent version.

It’s probably more hassle free and also faster in the end.

is there a tutorial on how to do that?


No, not really as nobody knows where someone has stored it’s data. When in doubt, always copy your entire home directory onto a external media (including the hidden files) before reinstalling.

  1. Prepare a external media like a external hdd with Disks
  2. Make sure to check “Show hidden files” in the Files application, select all files from your home directory and copy them to the media created at step (1)
  3. When the copy job has finished, check to really make sure that everything is there: Select all files, right click, then properties. Compare number of files and sizes of both the home directory and the external media
  4. Download a ISO Image of Endless OS from
  5. Install the Fedora Media Writer
  6. Copy the ISO file with the Fedora Media Writer to a unused USB stick (not the one used for backup!)
  7. Boot with this USB stick and install it

Thank you very much :wink:

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