No such device:ostree


Hi ! I have this problem called “error:no such device:ostree” since this morning. It’s the first time when I get this type of error and I can’t get rid of it. Could you suggest me a quick way of solving this issue ?


I m in the same situation with a brand new Asus. First time worked ok, but now when I power it I receive the same mesage… :frowning::sleepy:


Can you please try out the suggestions made in this Thread:


Apologies that we don’t have a quick solution for this other than a complete Endless reinstall. Unfortunately we have had a few users report this issue but we don’t yet understand what causes it :frowning:

If you have the time and interest, please let me know if you would be prepared to let us remotely investigate this problem on your computer. This process would require that you use another computer to create an Endless USB disk, then boot your new Asus computer from that USB disk, go online, and then coordinate a few simple steps communicating with an Endless engineer over e.g. WhatsApp.