Offer Decluttered Basic Version

I downloaded Basic Version. I expected having just Software installed, so that I can download whatever apps I want.

Frankly, I am disappointed having so many apps installed in Basic Version. In fact, there are some apps appearing in Default Apps, but can not be removed.

P.S Dash to Dock or any extensions I tried to install crashes the whole system.

Over time we have been steadily migrating more and more apps out of the core OS to be Flatpaks so that they can be updated, installed and removed separately to the OS. We’re not quite there yet (looking at you, Evolution) but we’re closer in Endless OS 6 than ever before. You could build your own installation image using our image builder but this will not allow you to remove applications that are baked into the OS.

It is unlikely that the basic version will ever have as few apps as you suggest. It is by far our most downloaded version so we want it to be usable and show some of the value of Endless OS without requiring further downloads for components like a web browser.

If you are looking for a more minimal GNOME-based system with atomic updates, I recommend Fedora Silverblue (though I note that they actually go further on the browser front and install Firefox in the base OS, from which it cannot be easily removed).

I’m not surprised that Dash to Dock doesn’t work correctly because the Endless OS desktop is itself a shell extension that performs very similar customisations to Dash to Dock. You might have better luck if you first disable the Endless desktop extension, restart your session, and then try installing dash to dock. It is possible to install extensions successfully – for instance I have Screenshot Window Sizer installed & enabled – but this isn’t really something we prioritise.

Own spin. That’s all I can take from it without it breaking. Build from eos image builder against stable 6.0 release tree. Ignore the app bar being double, thats from running in a virtual box. Installed fine on bare metal.

AS IS, no warranty, no support.

Bluefin / Universal Blue and openSUSE Aeon are good decluttered OS with minimal GNOME DE.

However, I wanted to try something with Debian base, because Bluefin updates so quickly that my system becomes unstable. I also experience slow performance and some other issues on Fedora + Gnome.

OpenSUSE Aeon is likely to come out of RC stage soon. However, again, the OS is very much bleeding-edge experience and I could not experience stability.