OneDrive access

Hi, I see that someone asked for OneDrive access way back in September 2017; has anything been done about that since then? I am unable to connect my work account via Settings > Online accounts - my work email and password are not recognized even though they are both 100% correct. My personal one was.

Thank you in advance!

Unfortunately, the WebDAV implementation in OneDrive has some quirks and is not well supported by Linux. So currently, your only way of accessing OneDrive (for Business) is the Browser.

That’s not ideal, but I’ll live. One of my colleagues has sent me information about two possible clients for onedrive on github and I checked out the links this evening, but it doesn’t look like they have a flatpak option? Onedrive by skilion and onedrived by xybu. Can either of these be used on EndlesOS, and how?

Not directly, to run “native” under Endless OS, the developer needs to provide a Flatpak version. But, you can run these Tools in a Podman container. Follow:

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