Oops, Something went wrong setting up Endless OS

Hello there,
First of all a big appluase for this foolishness that you build this totally stupid OS with errors and then I tell you about errors.
So the error is, After loosing my around 15GB of data, it show me error that “Oops, Something went wrong setting up Endless OS” .
So the fun is ready to begin now that if a user lost their more data to download your OS then why this bullshit happened here.
If you are unable to solve problem then just got away from the OS world.
Screenshot and log files also included.
Check it here-

EndlessInstaller20200201_08_26_47.log (1.9 MB)

CC: @wjt @mwleeds

It looks like there was an error during partitioning of the USB drive. Can you try using a different flash drive?

This is a known issue with the installer, for which we don’t have a fix. If another Flash drive doesn’t help, you could try downloading an ISO image from the Linux/Mac tab on https://endlessos.com/download/ and writing it to the USB disk with Rufus.

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