Os update problem. and unaccpetable tls certificate cureent version 3.3.16

from india , os update problem . app center old . google chrome download not possible . fatpak update err. access denied iwant new os. eos-diagnostic-230220_160616_UTC 0530.txt (119.9 KB)

problem fix, set by step , 3.3.16 to 3.3.20 . to 3.9.7. new update avaible version 4.14

Hi madhav-IN

I am from Delhi India. Welcome to the forum.
It seems you were running very old version of Endless OS.
After you update to version 4.14 you may get another update to Endless OS 5.0.0 in due course provided your machine is not very old.
Endless OS 5.0.0 is the latest version with Gnome 41.3 on Wayland display server and great new features like multiple Worlspaces and gestures support. I am enjoying it.

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