Packages missing in Development version

In the current Development version (3.10.0~210228-000010), at least two packages which where in 3.9.3 are missing, so they will break scripts from power users which rely on them:

  • rsync (provides /usr/bin/rsync)
  • uuid-runtime (provides /usr/sbin/uuidgen among others)

Those were previously included somewhat “by accident” as other packages used to depend on them.
I would encourage you to use alternative approaches for generating UUIDs (e.g. cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/uuid) or use containers to get access to more packages like that one.

But rsync is a tool that I agree is rather standard and handy and could help unstick many field support and diagnosis situations, especially when we work with local networking only in situations where internet is not available to set up a container.

Would you be interested in submitting a pull request to readd rsync? Just needs adding to the os-depends file in

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Hello Daniel, just opened a pull request for this one.

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