Password bypass because of Automatic Login enabled

I use 3.9.5 version.
How to reproduce the problem

  • I have set password on an account.
  • Go and press Lock.
  • Close down screen to make it go in to suspend mode.
  • But some times it don’t suspend and turn off.
  • Then press and hold power off button.
  • After PC is offline, press power button.
  • PC restarts normally, but there is no window that ask me to enter password and it just show me a desktop.

Why to set a password when you can bypass it?

Can you take a video of this procedure so that we can understand better?

What happens when you perform a normal clean shutdown of your PC, and then turn it on again? Do you get to the login screen, or does it log you in without asking for a password?

Do you have Automatic Login enabled?

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I test it and made a video, but no need to post the video.
Actually you where right I had Automatic Login enabled.
By turning it off then, I was asked to enter password after restart.

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