Picasa install wine phoenicis


I am new to Endless os, Linux in general.
Always using Windows.
Well, I quiet love this new thing :slight_smile:

But I do still miss some programs/apps.
Like Picasa (I know it’s no longer available, but you still can get is somewhere, already have an .exe file ready)

I did some research and came out on something called wine.
Looks like for Endless, this is now Phoenicis ?

Problem here is I have no idea how to use this?
Is there a possibility to launch an .exe file true this?
Just want to install and use Picasa.

Thanks in advance.


you can’t directly, as EOS is Linux based and does not support running Windows Applications Out-of-the-Box.

If you really need to run Windows applications, you have to run “Wine” - which is a Windows Runtime Environment for Linux inside a Podman container.

To install such a Podman container, follow this Tutorial:

When finished, you can install Wine inside this container. I haven’t written a EOS specific tutorial for this yet, but there are plenty Tutorials out there in the wild - google for “Ubuntu Wine Tutorial”.


That sounds complicated… :slight_smile: I am very new to Linux - Endless.

That’s the problem, I can find a lot of things for Ubuntu and Mint,
but with Endless I don’t have that many options it seems.

Nothing I can install and it will install Picasa for me? :wink:

Nothing I can do with the Phoenicis PlayOnLinux app ? Description is: Install and run Windows software on Linux?

I highly recommend to simply use a alternative software for Picase - something that’s still developed :slight_smile:

Personally, i use XnView as my picture management solution. Runs on many different Platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) and is available in EOS.

haha Yes I know :slight_smile: Sometimes change is a good thing lol
But then again, being a windows user for whole my life and starting with Linux is already a nice step :slight_smile:

I tried the XnView along with several other programs, but still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

What I use Picasa for is: I have to make a lot of images the same size by cropping them, so they have a standard size. I can choose which part of he image I want to be visible. Then can save them all.
After that I need to resize them all to a specific size which I use Pics resizer.

If I can find something similar, I don’t need Picasa or Pics resizer. But I do now :slight_smile:

For Batch-style transformations, you can use the Image Viewer “Nomacs”. It’s currently not available in the Appcenter, but as i use it on a regular basis, i’ve created a Flatpak which can be installed directlry in EOS.

Download the released Flatpak from:

Then, install it with:

flatpak install --user -y ~/Downloads/nomacs312.flatpak

For further Details on Nomacs and it’s usage, see their excellent documentation:

Thanks egrath!

I want to try this. I downloaded the zip file and is now extracted.
But how do I install? Where do I have to type for the flatpak to install?
I’m, sorry, but I’m totally new in this.

Thank you!

Hi, you have to download the flatpak file :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks ! At first sight this looks nice. Like what I need :slight_smile:
Will figure it out a bit more, but it’s looking promising!

Do you know if I can select a bunch of photo’s and say that I want them to be 800 by 640 ?

Thank you very much!

Yes that’s possible. You can even apply multiple operations at once, like resampling and cropping.

Sounds great!
I will defenitly try it out some more and see how everything works!
Also great to have the documentation.

Thank you very much for your time and effort!

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