Pirated content should not be in this forum

I just found:

According to https://www.reddit.com/r/linuxmasterrace/comments/78e93j/pirates_are_now_packing_windows_games_with/
pirated content should not be in this forum. Those link above containing link from piratebay.

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i want to be… :wink:

Thanks for bring this to our attention @cho2,

The posted tutorials were intended to help users of Endless OS play their games and the poster had the best interests of the project in mind when he wrote them. However, even through the instructions said to purchase the game through a legal source like Steam, they did link to illegal sources to get a copy that could be run. Ultimately this may have put Endless in a position where we could have faced legal action by the game developers, and so I have removed these posts.

For gaming on Endless OS there is a Steam package available in the App Center, where you should be able to legally install and play these games and many more.

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